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IV and Injections


EXPRESS IV - 250ml Bag - ($65)

(B-12 & B-Complex)
This drip is a quick energy boost with hydratation, and at the same time relieves stress

Antioxidant Express - 250ml Bag - ($85)


This drip helps the liver detox while helping lower inflammation, calming skin irritations, and leaving your skin glowing. We recommend adding Vit C to help enhance your inmune system.

The Late Night - 1000ml Bag - ($125)

(B-Complex / B12 / Trace minerals)

This bag is made for everyone who had an eventful evening and may need a pick me up with electrolytes and hydration.

TriBird - 500ml Bag - ($150)

Vitamin C / B-Complex / Animo Acids

This drip is for my Olympians that need recovery quickly to their muscles after a strong workout, a long day on the Golf course, a great Yoga or Pilates workout, or just playing any sport.

Immunity Supert Boost - 500ml Bag - ($200)

(Vitamin C / Glutathione / Trace minerals / B-Complex)

This bag will enhance your immune system to help fight ay cold, flu, or virus.

NAD - 500ml Bag - ($300)

(Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)

The NAD IV will help boost your metabolism, slow down aging, reduce internal inflammation while regenerating cells. This will also help fight chronic fatigue and proven to slo down cognitive decline.

Chelation- 500ml Bag 

(Calcium Disodium Edetate)

This IV drip helps remove heavy metals from the body such as mercury, iron, arsenic and other form of toxic metal. EDTA can also be used to threat heart diseases and autism.

*IV bags can always be customized, and add IV add-ons for additional fees.*


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